A photography of Franz Zingerle. He is standing between his sons Martin and Georg Zingerle.

Pioneering Spirit since 1948

From a small workshop to an international manufacturer. The roots of Mastertent date back to 1948.

Our history is based on long-standing values, which have been continually promoted from 1948 to today. Values that contribute decisively to the success of the company and that guide and support us in our day-to-day work. The milestones of Mastertent demonstrade our succesful journey from a small workshop to an international company. Today we can proudly state that we are the leading manufacturer of gazebos and table and bench sets.

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Franz Zingerle and the workshop in Italy

Franz Zingerle graduated as a machinist and has many plans for the future. Together with his father Franz Zingerle converts some rooms in his home in Italy into a workshop: Zingerlemetal was born.

1963 - 1979

1963: Expansion of the residential and business building

The company is very successful in the production of machines for agricultural, domestic and environmental technology and the workshop is slowly becoming too small. Thus, 15 years later, it is time to expand the residential and factory building to handle all orders.

1979: Relocation to the industrial zone
Franz Zingerle had the right instinct with his company: the former workshop continues to grow and also the extended residential and company building soon threatenes to burst at the seams. In 1979 Franz Zingerle moved his company to the industrial zone of Schabs (Italy). The area covers 2.900 m² and 6 employees are hired.

A photography of Franz Zingerle. He is standing between his sons Martin and Georg Zingerle.


Entry of Martin und Georg Zingerle

Franz Zingerle's sons, Martin and Georg, recognise the potential of the company and are fully engaged in their father's business.

TÜV Certified
First edition of the beer table set 1986


Production start of table and bench legs

Together with his sons, Franz Zingerle starts the production of table and bench legs for beer tent sets. Shortly afterwards the two sons start with the professional and serial production of folding sets.

White Paulaner gazebo. Guests are sitting and enjoying fresh beer.


Mastertent gazebo is born

Martin and Georg Zingerle quickly became aware that, in connection with the beer tent sets, there is also a demand for high-quality party and promotion tents. In 1993, the first gazebo is produced and sold under the brand name Mastertent. With great success! After only a short time, the entire production has to be expanded again.

"The most exciting part about the future is that we can shape it."

Georg Zingerle, CEO MASTERTENT Group

World map with all locations of MASTERTENT sales partners.


Branches abroad

The company is not only successful in Italy, but also abroad, with exports growing rapidly. The first foreign branch is soon established: in 1997 the first branch is founded in Spain: Mastertent Ibérica Sl. Soon after Spain, other foreign branches follow in France, Austria and Switzerland from 2005 to 2011. The USA, the Netherlands and Poland join in 2017.

The employee is sitting with her head set in front of the computer while speaking to a client at the phone.


Mastertent worldwide

In 2018 Mastertent- under the leadership of Georg Zingerle -  celebrates its 70th anniversary and, simultaneously, plans its future. The product range is extended by the inflatable advertising media.

Today Mastertent operates internationally and has a distribution network of subsidiaries and importers in more than 30 different countries on 5 continents, ensuring to always be close to our customers.

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