A hand is holding the flap in front of the video scene. Behind it a man is grilling.

Video Gallery

We love high-quality videos - just like you! This way our products are explained easily and plainly.

We provide our customers with video content to better understand our many product applications and to explain the technical details of our products. 

Have a look at our video selection. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! Otherwise, have fun and enjoy our videos!

For the fruit market, three gazebos from Gebr. van Hezik with full-surface printing, awnings and black structure are located at the fruit market.
Market Tents
Sep Up Disinfection Tunnel
Set up Mobile Partitions
Disinfection Tunnel
Set Up COVID-19 Test Cabin
Friends at a barbecue in the garden. The man is standing at the barbecue. The guests are sitting at the table. 2 children running and playing in the garden.
Garden- and barbecue parties
Several gazebos on the Brixen Dome Square at the Dine & Wine Festival. People are sitting and celebrating.
Dine, Wine and Music
Brown gazebo with full-surface printing serving as a burger stand. It is located in front of a trade fair.
Food and more
Blue gazebo with flat roof serving as a burger stand on a square. In the background of the picture a church can be seen.
A red gazebo with four awnings is located in the middle of the vines. The sidewalls are printed with vines. In front of the gazebo two boxes with wine bottles are situated.
Wine & degustation
The gazebo is located in front of a stadium advertising sports shoes. The gazebo consists of a roof banner and printed sidewalls.
Sales stand
A red elegant gazebo with scalloped valance and corner curtains is located in a hotel garden. Under the gazebo are some standing tables.
Catering tent
Sport and more
Red and white Rescue gazebo during a fire brigade gazebo. A building is burning in the background. The fire brigade is extinguishing the fire with the help of the turntable ladder.
First-aid and rescue tent
The gazebo in the wind tunnel. The wind is marked with white lines.
Wind tunnel test
Patented bolt system with springs and plastic gliders - integrated in the tent leg of the gazebo.
Technical details
Blue gazebo half open.
Easy up
The pink tricycle of Pizza and Mortazza on the road. The tricycle is fully personalised.
Pizza e Mortazza
Black gazebo next to the race track. The gazebo is printed with racing patterns. Below them are tyres, cones and other motorsport accessories.
Racing tent
Detailed view of the inflatable advertising media - model Kokon with MASTERTENT logo.
Set up your inflatable
A promotion tent for sunglasses is located in the shopping street. The gazebo is blue and printed all over.
Promotion- and advertising tents
The white pagoda tent is located on the market square. Underneath the gazebo some boxes with fish from the sea are situated. In the background are some red buildings.
Pagoda tent
Yellow market tent with counter and roof flag located at a market square. The gazebo roof is printed fully printed.
Market tent
Red-white striped gazebo at a fun fair or carnival. The gazebo is printed with the incription "Popcorn". It serves as a popcorn stand.
Event tent
The roof is attached to the base frame of the white hexagonal pavilion.
Set up your pavilion
The weights, consisting of two parts are attached to the tent legs of the gazebo.
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