Three blue gazebos stand next to each other. They are 3x3 m, 4x4 m and 5x5 m in size.
Folding gazebo 5x5m white with pagoda roof
The white pagoda tent stands on the mountain. Behind it stretches a dreamlike mountain range in the sunset.

Pagoda gazebo - attractive, appealing and eye-catching.

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Gazebo with Pagoda Roof

The pagoda tent you need to pop out!

This pagoda roof creates a very attractive and elegant gazebo what makes it very popular for weddings, events and other special occasions.

What is so special about this gazebo?  Its foldable construction. Unlike conventional gazebos with a pagoda roof, our gazebos have a very compact packing size. A very easy transport and space-saving storage are guaranteed.

Do you wonder what else is hiding behind this pagoda roof? Be surprised by unique characteristics and numerous advantages.

5x5 m

Patented foldable aluminium structure.


Tool-Free and Easy-Up Pagoda Marquee

Leave bulky gazebos behind you and go for a foldable one! That's how quickly Mastertent's pagoda tents are ready for use! Roll the film!

Which size is best for you?

Blue pagoda tent 3x3 m.

The little all-rounder.

  • Weight: 37.2 kg
  • Entrance height: 201 cm
  • Maximum height: 368 cm
  • Small pack size: 42x44x158 cm
Blue pagoda tent 4x4 m.

Professional and handy.

  • Weight: 46.8 kg
  • Entrance height: 215 cm
  • Maximum height: 431 cm
  • Small pack size: 42x44x206 cm
Blue pagoda tent 5x5 m.

The classic one.

  • Weight: 77,2 kg
  • Entrance height: 215 cm
  • Maximum height: 479 cm
  • Small pack size: 54x52x206 cm

Dona colore allo spazio intorno a te!

Il gazebo che rispecchia le tue esigenze. Comincia dal colore e progetta il gazebo perfetto per te!

The white pagoda tent stands on the mountain. Behind it stretches a dreamlike mountain range in the sunset.

Innovative Foldable Structure of the Pagoda Tent

Stop fighting with bulky structures, complicated assembly instructions and an unhandy transport.

The new and innovative pagoda gazebo from Mastertent will save time and be less nerve-wracking. Unwrap, open up and bring the structure to the desired height - ready.
Pagoda Form
Pagoda Form
Pagoda Tent

Stand out with this 368 cm high roof instead of the classic height of 327 cm!

Woman is moving the gazebo with the transport wheels.

Convincingly Small Pagoda Gazebo

Our gazebo does not only convince with a fast and easy assembly without loose parts, but also with its small packing size. This guarantees an easy transport and a space-saving storage.

PVC or Polyester Pagoda Tent?

You are spoilt for choice. Choose from a high-quality PVC or polyester for your gazebo's roof - depending on your needs and requirements.

We give you the possibility to choose from a pagoda roof made of high-quality PVC or polyester, whereas many other providers offer only one at a time.

Select the fabric which fits best to your expectations.

100% You on the Pagoda Marquee

We customise the roof according to your ideas.


Our Pagoda Tent is Stable and Safe in Every Detail

You have doubts about the stability and resistance of a folding gazebo? You don't have to.

Our competent product development team has dedicated a lot of time to optimising the stability of our pagoda gazebos. Thanks to the innovative lateral hinged poles on the roof's interior and an additional safety bolt on the central post, also this roof guarantees the highest stability.

You will be able to frequently use and set up this gazebo without any problems.