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MASTERTENT is a manufacturer and European market leader of high quality folding tents. They are 100% waterproof and fire-resistant and can be used both indoors and out. Our folding tents can be assembled in only 1 minute and without the need for tools. There are no loose individual or small parts that can be lost.

The folding tents are available in different colours. And in addition to the fabric colour, the structural colour can also be customized, so that the entire folding tent beams in one uniform colour - something only MASTERTENT can offer. Our folding tents are available in 12 standard sizes and both the side walls and roofs can be printed and personalized across the surfaces.

Visit us in the United States: MASTERTENT USA
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Catering tent by MASTERTENT

Whether you need a gastronomy tent, kitchen tent or a tent for waiting guests – the catering tent offers the perfect space for special events and special moments...

Folding tent for all kinds of sale

Turn your MASTERTENT folding tent into a real eye-catcher with our high-quality advert printing! Practical accessories and individual requirements such as awnings or flags ensure even greater visibility.

Market tent by MASTERTENT

MASTERTENT market tents are the ideal stands for ongoing use at different markets and for travelling vendors. Our market tents can be assembled in just 60 seconds and without any tools. They are of the best quality, up to 100% waterproof, fire-resistant, storm and weather resistant and both sturdy and stable.

Promotion tent by MASTERTENT

We will turn you into a genuine eye-catcher on your promotional tour. Our mobile promotional tents can be fully imprinted across the entire surface and are up to 100% waterproof and fire-resistance. They are therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. The tool-free assembly takes only 60 seconds and there are no loose individual or small parts, which can be lost.

Folding tents for racing sport events & sport associations

The event tent by MASTERTENT adapts to your individual requirements – for indoor and outdoor events! Depending on the type of event, your event tent can be kept elegant and simple or personalized and imprinted according to the event.

Folding tent for all kinds of degustations

A special tent for a special occasion! Canopy tents by MASTERTENT are distinguished by their easy assembly and transport. Our waterproof party tents are available in a range of colours and with printing.

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