Mastertent Partnerships

We offer exclusive reseller and bulk-buying opportunities for our high-quality canopy tents, inflatables, and pavilions. Join us to expand your product offerings with our durable, customizable event equipment, designed to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Direct from the Manufacturer
Man and woman talking and looking at a white canopy tent on a sunny day with a modern, green building in background

Resale Partnerships

Represent Industry-Leading Products

Become a certified reseller with flexible commitments and comprehensive service. Connect with our team for reseller approvals and opportunities.

Bulk Discounts

Smart Buying Order and Discount Options

No matter how we're working together, when you need stronger discounts for larger product volume, we can help. Let's discuss your bulk needs whether you require a large order upfront or regular batches spread throughout the year. 

Manufacturing Resources

US-EU In-House Design and Manufacturing

Explore white label supply opportunities with Mastertent's high quality manufacturing. Smart nearshore supply chain efforts allow you to feel confident in your sourcing.

Referral Program

Get 5% Cash Back on Referred Order Values

Share your Mastertent experience for a 5% cash-back value. Our referral program allows you to become an unofficial Mastertent partner while still reaping the benefits.

Community Engagement

A man standing in front of a printed flat roof canopy tent at an outdoor environmental festival.

Catawba Riverkeeper Goes Mobile for Local Water

Discover how nonprofit, Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation deploys Mastertent tents, pavilions, and more to protect local waterways.

Behind the Mission
Two Mastertent canopy tents on the deck of a large Ocearch company boat going out to sea.

Mastertent at Sea

Nonprofit Ocearch takes Mastertent canopy tents to the water as they embark on season-long shark research and conservation expeditions.

Discover Ocearch Operations
A group of people posed in front of a sponsored non-profit Mastertent.

From Farm Tent to Table

Carolina Farm Trust deploys mobile canopy tents to connect with the community as they combat food insecurity and uplift local farms.

Fostering Local Food Systems

I have been using Mastertents at events for nearly two decades and a large array of clients, tours, and programs. They are simply the best in terms of quality and appearance. The last and look perfect every time.

Mark Schomaker

Not only are Mastertent's products well made, durable, easy to set up, and attractive, but they are also generous supporters of nonprofits in the region. The Carolina Raptor Center is grateful to be one of the benefactors of Mastertent's generosity and we are very happy with the tents and tables they have supplied to us in support of our special events, summer camp, and picnic areas.

Carolina Raptor Center
Erin Katzner

Mastertent USA has been an amazing partner to work with. We own several of their tents in various sizes that we use for events all around our region and we also have tables, chairs, and a kiosk from them that we use in our dedicated spaces. In the almost 3 years of working with Mastertent, we've never had anything break, wear out, or not work - and we work things hard!

Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation
John Searby

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Canopy Tents
Canopy Tents
An overhead shot of the Zingerle Group production facility showing solar panels on the roof. The building is surrounded by trees.

Sustainability at Mastertent

Our manufacturing and mission center around putting the environment first: solar-powered production, smart materials, reforestation programs, and more.