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Making a change to lend a hand.

During our current COVID-19 crisis, we know businesses large and small are working hard to make an impact. At Mastertent, we're always looking to be helpful, from our experts taking time to understand customer needs, to giving back in our communities.  

Right now we know more has to be done and so we've started a Buy One, Give One program to give FREE tents to organizations in need, as well as Thank You Discounts to help every customer get more from their financial resources.

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Buy One, Give One

Tents purchased during the month of April help Mastertent give FREE tents 
to our medical professionals and small businesses combating COVID-19! 
Dedicate your free tent contribution to the hospital or small business of your
choice or allow Mastertent to choose from our list of communities in need. 

Talk with our team about program details! 

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40% Off Thank You Discount

In light of our COVID-19 battle, we're offering big discounts to those impacted by the virus and in need of mobile tent equipment such as hospitals, small businesses, and essential retailers. Effected businesses can receive up to 40% Off their Mastertent products in support and as a thank you for their service. Ask us about discount opportunities to help you with your need.

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