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This is Mastertent
Sturdy Event Tents
Wind tunnel | Stability test
A man is planting a tree in the soil
Mastertent Reforestation Program
Set up | 10x10 ft
Set-Up | 10x10 ft Square with awning
Dine, Wine and Music | Event
Set up | inflatables
Set-Up | 20x10 ft
Set-up | 17x17 ft Pagoda gazebo
Square | 3x3 m
Market Tent | Personalized
Set-Up | Pagoda 17x17 ft
Set-Up | 5x5 ft with awnings
Canopy Tent Production
Oktoberfest | folding furniture sets
Garden- and barbecue parties | Canopy tent
Wine & degustation | folding gazebo
Street Food | canopy tent
Catering & hospitality | Canopy tent
Sales stand | Canopy tent
Sport and Recreation | Canopy tent
First-aid and rescue tent | safety & civil protection
Technical details
Personalized street food tent | Pizza e Mortazza
Racing & Sports | Canopy tent
Promotions | Canopy tents
Pagoda tent | Compact packsize
Market tent | Folding gazebo
Event tent | Canopy tent
Set up | pavilion
Baseplates | Technical USPs
Set Up | COVID-19 Test Booth
Set up | Mobile Partitions
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