Photovoltaic system on the old roof of the MASTERTENT company building.
Together with strong values
What we do today, will influence the world of tomorrow

We live

We are aware of our responsibility towards our environment, our employees and the planet.

As a family business, we do not think in quarters, but in generations. For this reason alone, the idea of sustainability has always been deeply anchored in our DNA. Since day one, we have strived to build up a company that achieves long-term success and can thus be handed over to the next generations.

Not only the Zingerle family has this mindset, but also the employees live with it. It starts with the small everyday things, such as saving printing paper, the conscious use of water when we wash our hands and the separation of waste at the workplace. 

As a manufacturing company, we try to protect the planet and to counteract the unavoidable emissions every day by making conscious, sustainable decisions.

People in the focus

Employee satisfaction is a very high priority for our commitment to sustainability. Employees who feel good are productive and motivated. They ensures good harmony in the team and carry this spirit to the outside world when talking about our company.

Sustainability is not a goal, but a mindset that we integrate into our daily actions.

CEO - Georg Zingerle

Our efforts for the climate

These are just a few eco-friendly actions we have already taken:

  • Already since 2008, a photovoltaic system on the roof of the headquarters in Sciaves, Italy, is covering 100% of the company's energy consumption with solar power. 
  • Our second production facility in Romania is heated by 100% with our wood wastes.
  • We offset the unavoidable emissions by planting trees.

Our own photovoltaic system allowed us to save 242t of CO2 in 2020... or 95.5 flights from


We produce mindfully

In the production of all our products we attach great importance to the use of high-quality materials as well as professional workmanship.  With this understanding of values, we create the best conditions for a sustainable business. In addition, all raw materials used like aluminium, polyester, steel and wood are recyclable.

What we do today, will influence the world of tomorrow.

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