climate policy

As a producer, we have various possibilities to control our impact on the climate.

Already since 2008 we are covering 100% of the company's energy consumption with our own solar power. Furthermore, the district heating network of the municipality provides for the entire heating needs of the building. 

In Romania, in our second production site, we heat the whole company building with the wood waste from our own production.

Avoiding and reducing waste is primarily achieved by the durability of all our products, the use of recyclable materials and ongoing process optimisation. 



of our wood consumption was reforested in 2021. 

Since 2008, a photovoltaic system is covering 100% of the company's energy consumption with solar power.

Photovoltaic system on the old roof of the MASTERTENT company building.

Renewable energy

You can find one of South Tyrol's largest photovoltaic systems on the roof of our company building in Sciaves, Italy, which supplies over 100 per cent of our electricity consumption. However, the district heating network of the municipality generates energy with the help of renewable raw materials and covers the whole heat demand of our headquarters.

At our production site in Romania, we use 100% of our wood waste to heat the building. All our company buildings are very well insulated in order to prevent the heat from escaping to the outside. We also use LED lighting in all our plants.


We try to counteract unavoidable emissions through reforestation. In Romania, we started a reforestation programme where we reforested 20% of our wood consumption of 2019. Our ambition is to continue to increase this rate annually.

Regional values

When choosing our suppliers, we strive to promote regional transport. For example, we are procuring aluminium and steel from Italy where we process these materials at our headquarters. The wood for our joinery in Romania is coming exclusively from Romanian forests. This automatically reduces CO2 emissions during the transport of raw materials.

In addition, we opt for high-quality materials, as well as for fair working conditions. We are happy to pay a higher price for fair and sustainable ways to extract and further process our raw materials. 


All materials we use for the processing of our products like folding gazebos, tables and benches, pavilions and inflatables are 100% recyclable:

  • Fabrics
  • Aluminium
  • Plastic connectors
  • Steel and 
  • Wood
Europakarte mit allen Standorten von MASTERTENT. Die Karte ist weiß und dunkelblau das Meer.

Saving air miles

As an international company with subsidiaries in Europe and the USA, business travel is on the agenda. To avoid unnecessary air miles, we are increasingly communicating via video calls. 

On the one hand this helps us to protect the environment since long transport routes can be avoided, on the other hand we automatically save time and costs of long journeys. 

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