Sustainable Environmental Policy

As producers we have several opportunities to make responsible decisions.

Already since 2008, our company building in South Tyrol has been powered by 100 % solar energy, while the district heating network of the municipality covers the entire heating needs of the building. 

In Romania, at our second production site, we heat the whole company building with wood waste from our own production.

We can avoid or reduce waste production first of all through the longevity of our products and by using recyclable materials. And this is exactly what we at Mastertent do. In addition, continuous process optimisations allow us to reduce pollutants and generate less processing waste.  


We offset emissions through reforestation. In Romania, we have launched a reforestation programme in which we plant trees. Together with the Transylvanian Forestry Department, where we source the wood for our tables and benches and where it is processed, we planted 8,560 trees in 2021. Our goal is to increase this number of planted trees every year.

Actions for the Environment
Actions for the Environment
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development


We have reforested 20 % of the wood we used in 2021.

Climate-neutral 2021 Annual Report

In 2021, the printing of our annual report had ZERO environmental impact

In fact, by supporting the 'Germany and the Alps' project of natural forest afforestation and regional forest ecology, we offset the 339 kg of CO2 emitted for the production of the catalogue.


What does climate-neutral mean?
It means not influencing the climate through production. It is based on the assumption that the climate system can buffer a certain level of greenhouse gas emissions without having a significant impact on the climate. 

How much is 339 kg of CO2?
892 km by plane or 152,550 km by train

What could be done to save 339 kg of CO2?
24 people would have to keep their fridge switched off or 5,650 people would have to do without a coffee for a year.

Since 2008, all the energy we use has come from our photovoltaic panels

Renewable Energy

One of the largest photovoltaic plants in South Tyrol is on the roof of our company building in Sciaves and provides 100 % of our energy needs.

Heating in Italy
Our company building is heated by the municipality's district heating network, which generates heat from renewable raw materials

Heating in Romania
At our second production site in Romania, we heat the whole building with our wood wastes.
Energy Efficiency
We use LED lighting in all our plants. LED lamps consume about 80 to 90 % less energy than conventional lamps.
Thermal Efficiency
All our plants are very well thermally insulated in order to minimise heat losses and optimise consumption.
Photovoltaic system on the old roof of the MASTERTENT company building.

'Multiplex' Fawn Saver

The 'Multiplex' fawn saver is a device made of fabric and metal and its shape, colouring and noise warns fawns in case agricultural machines are approaching and thus ensures that they can escape in time. The hunter Diether Platzgummer came up with this idea because he wanted to prevent these accidental deaths of the animals who, in the first months of their lives, tend to stay hidden in the fields to escape predators, but fall victim to agricultural machinery. Mastertent manufactures all the components of 'Multiplex' on its own.

Defending the environment is a duty to life

Regional Value

We take great care in choosing our suppliers, who must not only offer us raw materials of excellent quality, but must also be located nearby, so that we can avoid long journeys. For example, we source aluminium and steel from Italy, and these materials are then processed at our production site in Bressanone, South Tyrol. The wood for our joinery in Romania comes exclusively from Romanian forests. This automatically reduces CO2 emissions during the transport of raw materials.

Europakarte mit allen Standorten von MASTERTENT. Die Karte ist weiß und dunkelblau das Meer.

Shortening Distances

As an international company with branches in Europe and the United States, business travels are part of our work. In order to avoid unnecessary air travel, we make video calls as often as possible; this helps us to protect the environment, we avoid using airplanes, and we save time and costs. 

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