Gazebo 6x4 m with blue roof from MASTERTENT
Straight valance
Entrance height:
215 cm
Maximum height:
388 cm
Pack size:
42x58x206 cm
Series 1
Gazebo 6x4 m with scalloped valance
Scalloped valance
Entrance height:
215 cm
Maximum height:
388 cm
Pack size:
42x58x206 cm
Series 1
Gazebo 6x4 m with blue roof and awning from MASTERTENT
Entrance height:
215 cm
Maximum height:
413 cm
Pack size:
58x42x206 cm
Series 1


6x4 metres

The gazebo for big plans and major projects. Create new dimensions!

You only need 24 m² to realise your ideas. With the 6x4 m gazebo, you can spend some quality time with 48 guests standing or 32 guests sitting. This and much more with is possible with our gazebo 6x4 m. Sounds promising? 

The Mastertent 6x4 m gazebo was designed and manufactured to ensure a long service life. Authentic European quality.

It takes only a few steps and your 6x4 m gazebo protects your guests and products, both indoor and outdoor. There are no limits to your creativity when designing your 6x4 m gazebo. Let your dreams and ideas come true using bright colours, selected print motifs and smart accessories.

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Facts you need to know about our gazebo 6x4 m:

Packing Size
Weight Comparison

As usual, it needs to go fast?

Gladly, the set-up only takes 60 seconds.

For Mastertent, the Details Matter.

More than 30 years of experience, extensive know-how, and tireless innovation are the reason why Mastertent gazebos have become the best gazebos on the market.

Smart Accessories
A woman is fasting the sidewall along the gazebo legs by means of velcro strips.

Gazebo Sidewalls. We offer 7 different sidewall variations adapted to your needs. View sidewalls

Base plate 28 kg

Gazebo Fastening. We recommend using our galvanised cast iron base plates (10 kg and 28 kg). View fastening set

The LED gazebo lighting is fixed at the gazebo structure.

LED Lighting  Our LED lighting system consists of 4 spotlights and creates the suitable atmosphere in your gazebo. View LED gazebo lightning

Blue gazebo with classic lighting system consisting of 3 spotlights.

Halogen Lighting. The halogen lighting system consists of three floodlights. It can quickly be mounted. View accessories

Gazebo Heater. Our electric heater (1,500 W, 250 V, 50HZ) ensures that cold days are a thing of the past! View accessories

Transportation Weels. Save your strength for your business. Quickly attach the transport wheels & simply roll your gazebo from A to B. View accessories


Gazebo rain gutter

Rain Gutter. To prevent rain from entering, our PVC gazebo rain gutter can be easily attached between two or more gazebos. View accessories

Blauer Faltpavillon mit zwei Eckfahnen und einer Dachfahne

Gazebo Banner and Flags. Attach printed flags or banners and show higher visibility than your competitors. See all flags and banners


Ready in just 60 seconds.

100% waterproof! 

Blue gazebo half open.
Only for Series 1

Series 1. As unique as you. The number one among the gazebos. Personalisation and high-quality meet all needs.

  • All roof types
  • Peak flag capability
  • Coloured frames
  • Waterproof
Gazebo with awnings and corner flags serving as a sales stand for sun glasses.
Stand out

Elegant, modern or traditional? With logo or photo print?

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