LED lighting of MASTERTENT on a black frame

New LED-lighting system

From today on, our MASTERTENT product range includes the LED-lighting system. This entails a variety of advantages for our customers. We proudly present the result of our R & D department’s permanent work.

Let there be light at MASTERTENT

Our new LED-lighting system consists of four LED spotlights, each one providing a power of 15 W. The four spotlights can be easily attached, or rather clipped, onto the tent frame. Then just plug it in – and the work is done!

In contrast to our classic lighting system, you can save a lot of energy while still benefitting from the same lighting power. Compared to the classic lighting system, the LED system consumes only 20 % of energy.

LED lighting on a black fram of a white canopy tent.

Light which can be dimmed

Another highlight of our new lighting system is the switch which makes it easy to dim and adapt the intensity of the light according to the occasion. In this way, a product presentation can take place under clear and bright light, while a more diffuse light is more appropriate for a romantic dinner with your guests.

You see: with our new LED lighting system, nothing gets in your way when it comes to special moments!

Practical transport case for the LED lighting.
Withe and very elegant canopy tent at the lake. Under it are 4 people dining.
Smart, strong and unique like you!

MASTERTENT – simple setup, robust construction and custom options to make them as unique as you with 12 standard sizes, fabric and frame colors, custom printing and quality accessories – your desire, your tent.

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