4 canopy tents in the mountains. All of them have a different style: with flat roof, with awnings, elegant and customized.

Canopy Tents by Style - classic, elegant or with automatic awnings

  • Elegant catering tent in the green. Below it the guests stand in elegant outfits.
  • Elegant.

    Are you on the lookout for the right canopy tent for special occasions? We have the solution: the elegant canopy tent. This combines all of the benefits of the classic canopy tent with that special something extra. It is mainly used for weddings, christenings, anniversaries, birthdays and other affairs of the heart. They can also be used in the restaurant industry, with restaurateurs framing special venues, terraces and parties with the elegant MASTERTENT canopy tent.

    • Stylish roof design
    • Stylish corner drapes
    • Easy set-up without tools
  • For Unforgattables Moments.

    We offer the Kit “Royal” for all sizes of series MASTERTENT S1, which includes lighting, elegant corner curtains and installable skylight to create a luxurious ambience and a very special flair. The 20×13 ft canopy tent in the colors “ecru” and “bordeaux” adds that extra touch of class.

  • Withe and very elegant canopy tent at the lake. Under it are 4 people dining.
  • The Kit “Royal”

    Whether the canopy tent is needed for preparing, servicing or dining, the Kit “Royal” will set the tone and create the right atmosphere for your guests!

    • Elegant corner curtains
    • Installable skylight
    • Special flair

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  • With Awnings.

    Our canopy tents with awnings are especially suitable for markets, trade fairs and exhibitions. The awnings, which are up to 31.5 inches, not only protect your customers against the sun and rain, but also your products. These canopy tents are 100 % waterproof and fire-resistant. You can purchase canopy tents with up to 4 awnings (i.e. on all four sides), depending on your requirements.

    • Self-opening marquee
    • Ideal surfaces for advertising
    • Easy set-up without tools
  • Custom canopy tent with awnings. Under the tent is an artist.

Available Awnings for MASTERTENT S1

4 Awnings2 Awnings1 AwningOverall Height
  • Canopy Tents with Awnings.

    Canopy tents with awnings: more roof for the same size.
    Our canopy tents with self-opening awnings provide more covered space for the same size. They are especially suitable for markets, trade fairs and exhibitions.

    • Self-opening awnings
    • More covered space for the same size
    • Fully automatic
  • Access Years of Product Knowledge

    Upgrade to the MASTERTENT quality. Let’s chat about your business requirements and vision for promoting your brand. We’re happy to advise you on the best features, functions and styles.

    • No charge, no obligation
    • Years of experience
    • Fast and friendly team
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  • The MASTERTENT Rescue tent for emergencies.
  • Rescue. When every second counts...

    The canopy tent for emergencies: quick, safe and waterproof.

    We have designed our “Rescue” canopy tent exactly with this in mind. It is unrivalled in its quick assembly and is 100% waterproof and fire-resistant. After the “Rescue” canopy tent is assembled, in only 60 seconds, you then just have to attach the side walls and flooring.

    The tent has proven its worth in a variety of applications, as shelter when rescuing injured parties during accidents, in the event of natural catastrophes, firefighting missions, police operations, people screening, federal army deployments, water rescue services or mountain rescue.

    • Fast set-up without tools
    • 100% waterproof
    • Fire-resistant
  • Special Side Walls and Flooring

    The tent floor is made of non-slip woven PVC fabric, which ensures safety and stability. It is absorbent and thus ideal for absorbing blood and other liquids. The extended side walls prevent dirt, water and wind from penetrating inside – sandbags can also be attached.

  • When every second counts...

    In its special Rescue-version the MASTERTENT is turned into the perfect command center for emergency situations. The Rescue tent is provided by special side walls equipped with integrated doors and windows, insects screen and night closure.

    • Anti-slip floor
    • Extended side walls
    • Easy, 60-second set-up

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