Market tent for a bakery. The tent is black and different kinds of bread are printed on it.

Market canopy tents for frequent market use

  • Do you showcase your products at weekly markets, fairs, or festivals? Our market tent is the perfect choice!

The foldable market tent for
highest requirements

100% waterproof

Maximum stability

Easy, 60-second set-up

High-quality graphics

Tough UV

Professional support

  • Market tent with printing. You can see the types of bread printed on the side wall.
  • Your unique market tent

    The canopy tent by MASTERTENT can be set-up in under 60 seconds, making it the ideal mobile sales booth. You can personalize your tent to suit your needs. We offer many color options, and our high-quality graphics service will definitely make your market tent standout from the crowd.

  • Design your market tent

    Create your ideal market tent in minutes: style, colors, printing, sidewalls and accessories are all up to you!

    Turn your MASTERTENT canopy tent into your own masterpiece!

  • Market tent is currently being configured on the computer. You can see the configurator of MASTERTENT.
  • Market and sales activities

    The waterproof and weather-resistant market tent by MASTERTENT is perfectly suited for long-term use at weekly markets!

    • Weather-resistant
    • Easy, 60-second set-up
    • High-quality graphics
  • Custom canopy tent with awnings. Under the tent is an artist.
  • Canopy tents with awnings

    Canopy tents with awnings: more roof for the same size.
    Our canopy tents with self-opening awnings provide more covered space for the same size. They are especially suitable for markets, trade fairs and exhibitions.

Access Years of Product Knowledge

Upgrade to the MASTERTENT quality. Let's chat about your business requirements and vision for promoting your brand. We’re happy to advise you on the best features, functions and styles.

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    no obligation
  • Years of
  • Fast and friendly

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Our popular standard sizes

Our standard sizes for market stalls are 10×10 ft and 15×10 ft. We offer a diverse variety of accessories such as sidewalls, flags, counters, and more providing you with plenty of opportunities to customize your tent.

Accessories for sales booths

MASTERTENT offers smart and functional accessories for your sales booth: Get noticed and make your produces more visible with our lighting system, welcome guests with heating, and protect the inside from wind and weather with sidewalls.

  • The dimmable LED lighting is mounted on the underside of the folding tent.

    Dimmable LED lighting

    Get noticed. With 4 light strips of 15-watt LED illumination, draw the crowd’s attention to your brand’s tent. This LED lighting is more energy efficient, longer lasting and cooler operating than conventional halogen lighting.

  • Radiant heater on the underside of the roof of the blue folding tent.

    Heating system

    Warm and cozy. When the temperature drops, the 1,500-watt (230/50Hz) electric heater warms up the canopy tent in a flash. Its slim design, quiet operation and efficiency make it a perfect aid for outdoor use in the colder months.

  • Blue folding tent with 2 side walls with windows.

    Sidewall with window

    Tent with a view. The sidewall with PVC windows gives you a view outside, yet protects you from wind and weather. The large panorama window lends the tent space and light, which creates a more inviting atmosphere.

  • Blue canopy tent with a side wall with door.

    Sidewall with door

    Come on in! A side wall with roll-up door invites customers and guests to come inside. The door can be fully opened and rolled up both from inside and outside by a zipper.

Perfect for the market

Canopy tents for every market. Suited for frequent use at weekly markets or for city festivals.

Your individual canopy tent

Customize and print your canopy tent – according to your wishes and in best quality. 12 standard sizes and the possibility of individual printing – your brand, your tent.

Among the canopy tents, you’ll always find the perfect size. 12 standard sizes, which can be extended due to the modular design.

All folding tents from MASTERTENT stand in different colours on a meadow.

At MASTERTENT, the choice is yours! Roofs and sidewalls in 13 different colours, with coloured structures or individual printing.

Different fabric bales used for folding tents.

MASTERTENT accessories are designed to work seamlessly with our canopy tents – for more fun with your canopy tent.

Woman moves the canopy tent comfortably from A to B, thanks to the practical transport wheels.

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