Mobile, Protective
Partition Walls

Sleek and adaptable for maximum protection

In this period of transition, restaurants, retail vendors, and businesses are turning to creative ways to function while maintaining the safety of their customers and staff. 

Many of these measures include quickly adapting to curbside pickup or delivery services. For in-person and in-store services, implementing stringent hygienic measures and additional protective materials will be essential. Our preventative solutions allow businesses to get back to business. 

Great for both indoor and outdoor use! 


Find Your Individual Solution!

Customized solutions for your needs.

Easily connected & rearranged for maximum flexibility.

Mix and match our aluminum stands and fabric panels for your perfect solution.

Each standard mobile partition wall consists of two aluminum stands and one fabric panel. The fabric panel is both waterproof and fire-retardant to provide optimal protection and separation between tables, workstations, or guests. 

The aluminum stands and fabric panels are also available individually to create custom structures with different heights, styles, and configurations. 

Mix and match our aluminum stands and fabric panels for your perfect solution.


  • Pole height: 1.80 m / 1.50 m / 1.35 m / 1.05 m
  • Fabric panel: 1.73x1.27 m / 1.73x0.9 m 


Transparent Partition Walls

Inviting, creative, and easily disinfected.

Create security within your business by installing protective barriers while maintaining a clear view and open sight lines within your space. These transparent panels are made from clear PVC and bordered with a minimal strip of black fabric to create a friendly, inviting and safe atmosphere for your business. 

The PVC and fabric materials are highly durable and can be easily wiped down with disinfecting wipes or sprays regularly throughout the day preventing lingering bacteria and viruses from sticking to the partition walls.


In-House Design Assistance

Add some color, get creative!

Full-Color Fabric, Printed Partition Panels & Colored Frames. 

Adding security and safety measures doesn't have to detract from the look of your business' interior. Our mobile partitions come in a sleek transparent design, a wide array of solid colors and can also be printed to match your company's personal flair and brand.

Pick a fabric color or create a custom printed design:

  • The fabric panels are available in 12 Standard Colors.
  • The aluminum poles come in 3 Standard Colors: white, black and ecru. Other colors can be requested.
  • With logo printing or photo printing, the fabric partition walls can become a decorative highlight. 
  • Create informative signage with printed panels from directing walkways to brand messaging and sponsorships. 

Our in-house graphics team is ready to assist to create your printed partition panels.

100% Waterproof

Indoor & Outdoor Usage

Our mobile partitions are composed of the same durable materials we use to create our industry-leading canopy tents, and can easily and reliably be used both indoors and out.

  • Rounded Bases: Each aluminum stand has a smooth, rounded base to prevent scratches or damage to the rest of your furnishings and flooring while rearranging and moving your mobile partitions.
  • Powder-Coated Colors Finishes: The powder-coated color finish prevents scratches and stains from the finish color as well as nicks and imperfections in the finish color. 
  • Weatherproof Fabrics: The fabric panels our mobile partition walls are made from wind-resistant, polyester fabric Oxford 250 D. The fabric is waterproof and UV-protected for long-lasting color durability. 
  • Ltd. Lifetime Corrosion Warranty: The lightweight design of the mobile partition stands is made from an aircraft grade aluminum protecting from corrosion and rust during outdoor usage.

Protection for outside and inside. 

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