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For over 30 years, MASTERTENT has been designed and crafted in Italy, while delivering high-quality, reliable and custom canopy tent solutions for daily, personal and professional use. We offer direct sales and expanded service in the United States, which means fast order fulfillment and delivery for you.


American line, Italian design

Easy 60 second set-up

Extreme performance

High-quality graphics

Ltd. lifetime

Professional support


    Quality. Family. Traditions.

    Since 1948 the Zingerle family has stood out with their attention to detail and quality.  With roots in machinery technology, they design and engineer products to last.  For over 30 years, they have put these valuable traditions into MASTERTENT products, which continues to be regarded as the highest quality pop-up canopy tent available today.

    The directly owned and operated production facilities were established and are still located in Schabs, Italy; a beautiful mountain town in the Italian Alps.  They have always manufactured and finished all core products in-house and today continue to take great pride in delivering the best end product to customers.

    • Old picture from the workshop in Italien.
    • 1948: Italian workshop starts with Franz Zingerle

      Franz Zingerle has big dreams and uses his machinery experience to start a workshop of his own in Schabs, Italy – MASTERTENT’s parent company Zingerlemetal is born.

    • 1963: Workshop expansion to keep up with orders

      The production of machines for agricultural, housing and environmental technology is quickly growing and customers are pleased with the quality craftsmanship.

    • Old picture of the workshop of Franz Zingerle.
    • Old picture of the company in the industrial district.
    • 1979: Business moves to industrial location

      Business and production processes are significantly advancing and need more room. The founder moves the company to the nearby industrial district of Schabs/Sciaves, Italy.

    • 1985 - 1986: Second generation and new products

      Franz Zingerle’s sons, Martin and Georg, see potential and are excited to be involved with the next chapter of business. The market demands more and so the production of their folding tables and benches begins.

    • Old picture of Franz Zingerle with his sons Martin and Georg Zingerle.
    • Old picture of 1993, when MASTERTENT folding tent was born.
    • 1993: MASTERTENT folding tents is born

      Martin and Georg Zingerle notice the complimentary demand for high-quality party and promotional tents alongside beer tent sets. The first MASTERTENT folding tent is produced and sold.

    • 1997-2007: Growth throughout Europe

      High-quality folding tents is turning out to be a great success and there is demand throughout European. The first branch in Spain is founded in 1997 with further branches following in Austria, France and Switzerland from 2004 to 2007.

    • Map of Europe where all countries are marked in red.
    • The headquarter of MASTERTENT in Italy
    • 2003: Modern facilities inspire more

      With European expansion, orders are growing beyond expectations and so facilities must keep up. The new headquarters and production facility bring a modern design and layout that allows for innovative new processes to inspire the next phase of MASTERTENT.

    Our U.S. Office

    Mastertent USA, Inc. established its U.S. office just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.  This central, east coast location, with easy access to major transportation routes, will allow us to provide outstanding customer service and quick order fulfillment to all of our U.S. customers.

    • Picture of charlotte with a small map indicating where Charlotte is.
      Charlotte and the Carolinas

      Our U.S. leadership has been in the Charlotte area for over 30 years and are thrilled that they can continue to be a part of the vibrant and growing Carolinas.  We look to continue the Mastertent traditions of a fun, friendly and passionate atmosphere where we enjoy the great products we make, the great customers we serve and the great colleagues around us.

    • Globe in the hand
    • Ready for the future: MASTERTENT worldwide

      MASTERTENT operates on an international level these days and will continue to grow into the future. With sales and services in 25 different countries across 5 continents, we are always close to our customers and the pulse of the market.

    • What our clients say:

      " Good evening, thank you for your precious collaboration
      and also wanted to inform you that we were very happy with the product, congratulations. "
      Romagnoli , Italy

    • What our clients say:

      " Done! Yesterday, we have built up for the first time the tent.
      It has worked great and looks awesome! Once again we would like to thank you for it. "
      Emmi Chai Latte , Switzerland

    • What our clients say:

      " Thank you very much for the cooperation.
      In the future we will contact you again if we need another folding tent. "
      Hella Corporate Center , Romania

    • Stamp with the map of Italy and the slogan

      MASTERTENT brand promise

      We promise quality!  MASTERTENT is designed in Italy and made from the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship to be extremely strong and durable.

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