Canopy sidewalls

A variety of sidewall solutions make MASTERTENT canopy tents incredibly versatile – configure your tent as a sales booth, trade show tent, market outlet, special events pavilion, outdoor parties... you get the picture.

  • Completely covered

    MASTERTENT sidewalls are unique because the polyester fabric extends on both sides of the panel and the full height of the wall to securely wrap-around the frame legs.  Other pop-up tent brands simply use a few straps, but MASTERTENT designed its sidewalls to wrap-around each leg so you get total coverage at every corner. Not only can sidewalls protect from the elements, they have an appealing edge and provide more printing options for your brand’s imagery.

MASTERTENT sidewalls are unique, the polyester fabric extends, on both sides of the panel, the full height of the wall to securely wrap-around the frame legs
  • Smart combinations

    Choose from 5 different sidewall styles in order to transform your MASTERTENT canopy tent into the perfect solution for you: a solid backdrop works well with a half wall for counter space, window walls look nice surrounding a roll-up door or run a sidewall through a portion of the tent for a service room.

    All sidewall styles can easily be connected with each other, giving you a true custom approach to the design of your tent’s sidewalls. Other custom features include 13 standard colors and graphic design printing.

  • All sidewall styles can be connected with each other,


  • White sidewall for canopy tents.
    Closed sidewall

    Solid choice.  The closed sidewall provides complete protection from wind and weather, allows for privacy and offers the most surface area for advertising.  Also, they can be hung internally to divide the tent and create service rooms.


  • White sidewall with door for canopy tents.
    Sidewall with door

    Come on in!  A sidewall with a roll-up door invites customers and guests to come inside.  The door can be fully opened and rolled up from either the inside or outside with heavy-duty zippers.

  • White sidewall with windows for canopy tents.
    Sidewall with windows

    Tent with a view. The sidewall with PVC windows brings the natural light in and provides a view out, while still protecting you from the weather.  The arched windows make the interior feel spacious and they create an inviting atmosphere.

  • Half sidewalls allow for direct, eye-level contact with customers.
    Half sidewall

    The perfect height.  Half sidewalls allow for direct, eye-level contact with customers. At a little more than 3 ft high, it’s perfect for a market, food service or trade show stand.  They can be used with crossbars or easily accommodate wood counters.

  • Corner curtains give your MASTERTENT canopy tent an elegant touch.
    Corner curtain

    How elegant.  Corner curtains give your MASTERTENT canopy tent an elegant touch. They’re ideal for any kind of special occasion, like birthday parties, weddings, and dining or reception areas.

  • Custom design options - standout from the crowd!

    MASTERTENT canopy tents are ideal for advertising at events. Roof and sidewall surfaces can be printed with your logo and slogan or high-quality imagery.

Customized canopy tent with printed sidewalls, imprinted roof and a ad banner on the top.
  • Create your perfect tent!

    Do you have a different sidewall in mind?  We can mix styles and create custom solutions such as sidewalls with both window and door, rectangle windows and much more.

    Getting support is just as easy as using a MASTERTENT!

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Popular sidewall combinations...

  • Practical accessories - smart combinations

    Canopy tent accessories are designed with well-thought-out details to fulfill the requirements of practical use and brand promotion that help businesses get noticed.

Transport wheels snap onto the MASTERTENT canopy tent's foot plates in seconds, allowing for easy transport.

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Other product features

The MASTERTENT canopy tent’s high-quality aluminum structure is stable, retains its shape, is rust-resistant and extremely durable.

  • Set-up in a flash
    MASTERTENT canopy tents were specially designed to be mobile.  They can be set-up quickly – in under 60-seconds with no tools required.  Unpack.  Unfold.  Enjoy!

  • Detailansicht der Aluminiumstruktur eines MASTERTENT Faltzeltes. Die detaillierte Ansicht ermöglicht einen Einblick der Konstruktionsdetails.

    High-quality structure
    Simple, yet extremely robust. Over 30-years of practical experience, comprehensive know-how and the spirit of innovation have gone into making MASTERTENT canopy tents the best.

Blue canopy tent from MASTERTENT.
Smart, strong and unique like you!

MASTERTENT – simple setup, robust construction and custom options to make them as unique as you with 12 standard sizes, fabric and frame colors, custom printing and quality accessories – your desire, your tent.

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