Woman moves the canopy tent comfortably from A to B, thanks to the practical transport wheels.

Canopy accessories – yes please!

  • MASTERTENT accessories are designed to work seamlessly with our canopy tents – just as well-thought-out in every detail and ready for everyday use.

    MASTERTENT canopy tents can be outfitted with LED lighting, wood counters for increased functionality, stylish roof flags and advertising surfaces for giving your brand an appealing edge! They work well in less than ideal weather with heating, rain gutters and base plates. All accessories come complete, ready-to-use, with no tools required – set-up and take down are super simple!

All accessories at a glance

  • A base plate with 28 kg attached to the base of the tent.

    Stabilizing base weights

    On solid ground. Stabilizing base weights offer even more stability when your MASTERTENT canopy tent is setup on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. Available in 22 lbs (10 kg) or 60 lbs (28 kg), the galvanized molded cast-iron plates are easy to transport and stack on top of each other.

  • Fastening set for folding tents consisting of 4 pegs, 4 tension straps and a hammer.

    Ground securing kits

    Firm footing. Ground securing kits, in packs of 4 or 6 solid ground spikes, nylon securing straps, and a hammer. Canopy tents are light and mobile, so we want you to be safe. Perfect with soft surfaces and when weather conditions are less than ideal.

  • The white rain gutter is mounted between two blue folding tents.

    Rain gutters

    Warm and dry. Be worry-free when it rains at an event with our rain gutters. They can also keep water from collecting between adjoining canopy tents. They have nylon straps that can be affixed quickly to the roof interiors, even with sidewalls, when rain rolls in.

  • The dimmable LED lighting is mounted on the underside of the folding tent.

    Dimmable LED lighting

    Get noticed. With 4 light strips of 15-watt LED illumination, draw the crowd’s attention to your brand’s tent. This LED lighting is more energy efficient, longer lasting and cooler operating than conventional halogen lighting.

  • Classic lighting system mounted on a blue folding tent.

    Conventional lighting system

    In the spotlight. Easily attach the conventional lighting system to the center post of your tent to extend the use of the canopy tent into the night with 3 150-watt halogen spotlights that can be used for both direct and indirect lighting.

  • Radiant heater on the underside of the roof of the blue folding tent.

    Heating system

    Warm and cozy. When the temperature drops, the 1,500-watt (230/50Hz) electric heater warms up the canopy tent in a flash. Its slim design, quiet operation and efficiency make it a perfect aid for outdoor use in the colder months.

  • The transport wheels are mounted on the folding tent so that it can be easily pulled or pushed.

    Transport wheels

    Maximum mobility. Transport wheels snap onto the MASTERTENT canopy tent's foot plates in seconds, allowing for easy transport. They can be used even when the transport bag is removed and easily removed for a clean look while in use.

  • Blue folding tent with 2 closed side walls in the back and a wooden counter in the front.

    EZ setu-up wood counters

    Ready to serve. Quick and easy set-up, attaching to the tent frame with their own support. Perfect addition for event tents serving food and beverages, or simply needing space to interact with customers. Use as a single counter space or several together.

  • Connecting clamp that holds two folding tents together.

    Joining elements

    Let's join together. Combine two or more canopy tents and expand your space with our joining elements. Combining different shapes and thicknesses of tent legs is made easy with these joints. You will get a stable and secure connection.

  • 2 MASTERTENT blue flags standing on the ground.

    Standing Flags

    Raise your flag. Increase your visibility with printed event or branded flags. A convenient holder can be used to attach your flag to the MASTERTENT canopy tent! Our graphics department would be happy to help you design your perfect flag.

  • Side panel solutions

    Sidewall solutions that can take your MASTERTENT canopy tent to the next level with advertising space and more.  Sidewalls come in all 13 standard fabric colors and in a variety of styles: transparent PVC windows, roll-up door, half-height sidewall, even elegant corner curtains.

  • Blue folding tent with 4 different side walls: closed, with window, with door and half height.

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Other product highlights

The MASTERTENT canopy tent’s high-quality aluminum structure is stable, retains its shape, is rust-resistant and extremely durable.

  • Set-up in a flash
    MASTERTENT canopy tents were specifically developed to be mobile.  They can be set up quickly – in under 60 seconds with no tools required.  Unpack.  Unfold.  Enjoy!

  • Octagonal aluminium profile of the folding tent S1 from MASTERTENT.

    High-quality structure
    Simple, yet extremely robust. Over 30 years of practical experience, comprehensive know-how and the spirit of innovation went into making MASTERTENT canopy tents the best.

Withe and very elegant canopy tent at the lake. Under it are 4 people dining.
Smart, strong and unique like you!

MASTERTENT – simple setup, robust construction and custom options to make them as unique as you with 12 standard sizes, fabric and frame colors, custom printing and quality accessories – your desire, your tent.

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