Three large inflatable structures in a field on a sunny day with mountains in the background. On the far left, a tall, blue and red bottle-shaped inflatable next to a curved, blue arch inflatable. On the right, a three-legged blue and white angular dome inflatable.

Advertising Media

Maximum visibility! Mastertent inflatables are big, striking and individual.

The entire Mastertent inflatable line up is extremely efficient to transport, even easier to set up, and makes a HUGE impact for your brand! Just connect to power and stand back as the attached continuous blower brings your brand to life. 

Boost your advertising effectiveness with one of our four patented inflatable designs or the standard "Bottle" model, and take your promotions and event experiences to the next level! 

Have something unique in mind? Our in-house graphics team is available to assist and develop your one-of-a-kind design. 


Contact a Specialist - details and pricing!

Inflatables – Patented & Individual

Make your selection from our four patented inflatable models or the standard "Bottle" design. 

The Kokon

The slightly different archway.

Our patented, eye-catching, round-arch inflatable provides a larger presence to your event and an expansive covered area for your guests.  The cohesive design inflates quickly and can be custom printed with any design.

The Tripod

The sharp looker.

Is a classic dome inflatable too conventional? How about an alternative? The peculiar and patented Tripod shape will give your brand a sharp presence with an edge! 

100 % Waterproof

With us you won't stand in the rain!

The MS5

The eye-catcher.

The patented MS5 design compels the viewer and attracts the eye. This particular inflatable is an ideal meeting point for your customers. Customize your design to further increase your visibility.

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The Tequila

The big thinker.

Reaching over 25 feet in height, the Tequila impresses with its unique shape and size to make a memorable impression on your guests. With large available printing real estate, customize your inflatble with your own branded design.

The Bottle

The classic.

Like the classic column, the inflatable bottle is a commonly used model. Your personal printing turns the inflatable bottle into an extraordinary and eye-catching advertising medium. 

Custom-Made Inflatables

Are you looking for a special shape or your individual, custom-made inflatable? No problem! Create an inflatable for your company logo, mascot, a custom figure or any other shape – Mastertent makes it possible! Contact us and design an inflatable according to your ideas!

A unique piece for unforgettable moments- simply Mastertent.

Unpack - plug in - ready to go!

All our inflatables have a permanent fan. Depending on model and usage, you can equip your inflatable with an internal or external fan - all compatible with your traditional plug outlet. 

Inflatable Special Features

 The lightweight product and handy, easy transport packaging make for an easy set up come event day. 

Every Mastertent Inflatable is:

✔ Crafted from high-quality materials 

✔ 100% waterproof & fire retardant

✔ Styled by our in-house graphic and printing departments 

✔ Sewn in-house

✔ Equipped with a permanant fan - compatible with your traditional plug outlet

100 % Waterproof

With us you won't stand in the rain!

Fire Retardant

Our Inflatables can withstand a lot!

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