Yellow event tents in front of a stage.

Event Tents for Festivals, Concerts and Cultural Events

There may be countless types of events, but there’s one thing they all have in common: the right setting makes them unique. In our first part we’ll show you how to use a folding tent to create just the right setting, whether you’re hosting a concert, festival, outdoor event, cultural offering, sports events or a state or government affair.

Event tents are so flexible and transformable that they can be used effortlessly for any type of event. We’ll show you how vast the range of possibilities are for using an event tent, even for cul-tural events.

The summer, season of festivals & concerts

From village fair to rock concert. The summer is the time of festivals, concerts and outdoor events. What they all have in common: the need for mobile points of sale is just as important for an ear-splitting concert by your favourite rock group as it is for the local brass band. The opportunities for use are endless, ranging from stalls for drinks and snacks, to ticket booths and info stands at large events. And to ensure that you’ll be noticed in the crowd, we recommend a printed folding tent. This serves wonderfully as an advertising medium at events of any size, and especially raises your visibility at festivals and large events. A flag on the top of your tent will increase visibility even more.

Green festival tent from Heineken in front of a stage.

The summer, season of festivals & concerts

What do event tents have to do with culture? The answer may not be clear at first glance. But an event tent can be the perfect setting even at cultural events. Whether you need a reception area for museums, art exhibit, traditional event or for historical festivities. An event tent gives your occasion the just the right setting, lending it an aura of exclusivity and special flair. When using a mobile event tent you’ll also enjoy the advantage of being able to set it up quickly and easily just about anywhere. It can serve as a reception area in front of the museum today, and tomorrow as a canopy for a work of art within the museum.

In our second part, you’ll read how event tents can be used for sporting events and state and government affairs.

Black canopy tent at a cultural event outdoors.
Withe and very elegant canopy tent at the lake. Under it are 4 people dining.
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MASTERTENT – simple setup, robust construction and custom options to make them as unique as you with 12 standard sizes, fabric and frame colors, custom printing and quality accessories – your desire, your tent.

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