Blue and white event tents at a beach volley tournament.

Event Tents for Sporting Events, State and Governmental Affairs

In our second part on event tents, we'd like to show you the broad spectrum of uses for sporting events and state and government events. As with Part 1, "Event tents for festivals, concerts and cultural events" there are also countless ways to put event tents to use at sporting events or for state and governmental affairs.

We’ll show you how you can score points with an event tent.

Bring more excitement to sporting events

From a small association barbeque to the Olympic Games and World Cup Football, event tents are ideal for all types of sporting events, whether in summer or winter, at the beach, in the country, in the mountains, on a national level or on the village green. The wide variety of events is matched only by the variety of possibilities. An event tent can serve as a mobile dressing room, as team tent, at the finish line, for giving out contestant numbers, as cover from the elements for media and television teams, as a VIP lounge or simply as an information or refreshment stand. The range of possibilities for their use is endless. As most sporting events enjoy considerable attention, it’s worth considering use of an event tent’s surfaces as a medium for advertising as well.

Orange event tents during a car race. Under the tents are four orange racing cars.

Event tents for state and governmental affairs

It may be hard to imagine, but event tents can also do impressive service at state and government affairs. Regardless of whether it’s the election for the village mayor or the G8 Summit, event tents radiate professionalism at all levels of state and government events. Many political parties also rely on a printed folding tent as the ideal advertising medium during the election campaign. Moreover, a folding tent also offers protection from the elements. Many governments make use of our folding tents for official state visits — for example, President Xi Jingping was received in Switzerland under a MASTERTENT folding tent.

Read in Part 1 how an event tent can be used for festivals, concerts and cultural events.

Three canopy tents at a govermental meeting.
Withe and very elegant canopy tent at the lake. Under it are 4 people dining.
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