Withe and very elegant canopy tent at the lake. Under it are 4 people dining.

Canopy tents: Smart, strong and unique like you!

Easy 60 second set-up

Extreme performance

100% waterproof

Tough UV

No tools

Ltd. lifetime

Let's look under the canopy

MASTERTENT canopy tents are ready to perform – easy, 60-second set-up, appealing edge and reliable protection against any kinds of weather.  You’ll be proud to own and operate a MASTERTENT.

3 models to compare – find your perfect fit!

  • Blue folding tent with S1 series side walls.

    Leads the industry with maximum features and stability for heavy-duty use.

    • Frame thickness = 43×49 mm
    • Wall thickness = 2.5 mm
  • Red folding tent with side walls from the model series S2.

    A sturdy and well-constructed solution for professional use.

    • Frame thickness = 37×42.5 mm
    • Wall thickness = 2.1 mm
  • White folding tent with side walls from the S3 series.

    MASTERTENT quality at reasonable prices – when economical solutions are needed.

    • Frame thickness = 30 mm
    • Wall thickness = 2 mm

Canopy tents by style

MASTERTENT canopy tents, out of series MASTERTENT 1, are available in many variants…

Find your perfect fit!

  • Elegant.

    The star among the Mastertent range. Every moment is truly precious with these canopy tents.

    Withe and very elegant canopy tent at the lake. Under it are 4 people dining.
  • With awnings.

    Canopy tents with self-opening awnings provide more covered space for the same size.

    Custom canopy tent with awnings. Under the tent is an artist.
  • Rescue.

    When every second counts… The canopy tent for emergencies: quick, safe and waterproof.

    The MASTERTENT Rescue tent for emergencies.

Sizes – we've got you covered!

MASTERTENT has the perfect size of canopy tent for you: from our nimble 5×5 ft, the classic 10×10 ft, up to the spacious 26×13 ft – with 12 tent sizes to choose from you can find the right tent for any purpose and occasion!

  • 10×10 ft

    The classic.
    18 people 16 people

  • Square 10×10 ft

    Maximum advertising.
    18 people 16 people

  • 15×10 ft

    Perfect width or depth.
    27 people 24 people

  • 20×10 ft

    More room for your guests.
    36 people 32 people

  • 13×13 ft

    The practical all-rounder.
    32 people 24 people

  • 20×13 ft

    Everything under one roof.
    36 people 32 people

  • 26×13 ft

    Planning something big.
    64 people 48 people

  • 17×17 ft

    Roomy and tall.
    50 people 48 people

MASTERTENT - the details matter.

MASTERTENT canopy tents have innovative features and are extremely robust. They´re designed in Italy to outperform the demands of daily use around the world.

The all-aluminum frames, pushbutton releases and rubber fabric protections are just some of the patented details that guarantee high quality, durability and ease of use for years to come.

  • Create your perfect tent!

    We can create the perfect canopy tent for you – features, functions and style!  MASTERTENT’s attention to detail means we consider every aspect of your business requirements and match you with the right tent. Starting with the correct model, measure the size vs. cost and even consider the module design to expand multiple tents are just a few things we can do to help you achieve your goals.

    Getting support is just as easy as using a MASTERTENT!

    • No charge,
      no obligation
    • Years of
    • Fast and friendly
  • Our team is happy to help!

    Charlotte, NC

    or call us 704-312-1600

    Justin D. Russell - Sales agent for the US-market.
  • Quick & simple set-up

    Unpack.  Unfold.  Enjoy!

    MASTERTENT canopy tents pop-up in under 60 seconds with no tools required.

    • Easy set-up in 60 seconds
    • No tools, no loose parts
    • Minimum effort, maximum impact!

Show your colors - fabric and frame!

Only MASTERTENT has an aluminum frame available in 9 standard colors of extremely durable powder-coat finish. Roof and sidewall fabrics are available in 12 standard Pantone colors – from bright yellow to cool gray.

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Sidewalls and accessories – extremely versatile!

Transform the look and function of your tent with sidewalls and accessories.  Designed to be practical and stylish to give your business an appealing edge.

  • Blue folding tent with closed side walls. All side walls are blue.
    Closed sidewall
  • Blue canopy tent with a side wall with door.
    Sidewall with door
  • Blue folding tent with 2 side walls with windows.
    Sidewall with window
  • Blue folding tent with side walls at half height.
    Half sidewall
  • A base plate with 28 kg attached to the base of the tent.
    Stabilizing base weights

    On solid ground. Stabilizing base weights offer even more stability when your MASTERTENT canopy tent is setup on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt.  Available in 22 lbs (10 kg) or 60 lbs (28 kg), the galvanized molded cast-iron plates are easy to transport and stack on top of each other.

  • The dimmable LED lighting is mounted on the underside of the folding tent.
    Dimmable LED lighting

    Get noticed. With 4 light strips of 15-watt LED illumination, draw the crowd’s attention to your brand’s tent.  This LED lighting is more energy efficient, longer lasting and cooler operating than conventional halogen lighting.

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