Canopy tent 10×10 ft

The classic.

  • available in
    12 colours
  • many sidewalls and smart accessories
  • individual advert print
  • model MASTERTENT S1,
Blue MASTERTENT canopy tent 10x10 ft.

Easy 60 second set-up

Extreme performance

100% waterproof

Tough UV

No tools

Ltd. lifetime

  • The classic among the canopy tents

    The 10×10 ft canopy tent is the classic among the canopy tents. This popular size works well as an adverticing tent and at trade fairs and markets, but also at private garden parties and other ocassions. With a total area of 100 sq ft, it provides standing room for 18 or seating room for 16 persons.

    The canopy tent has 6′ 7″ headroom and a total height of 10′ 7″. The 10×10 ft canopy tent is available in a frame thickness of 43×49 mm, 37×42.5 mm or 30 mm. With diverse equipment options, this flexible canopy tent is perfect for any event.


  • Stamp with the map of Italy and the slogan "Made in Italy for U.S."
  • iMac on a desk. On the screen it's open the MASTERTENT configurator with a canopy tent 10x10 ft.
  • Design your canopy tent 10×10 ft

    Create your ideal tent 10×10 ft in minutes: style, colors, printing, sidewalls and accessories are all up to you!

    Turn your MASTERTENT canopy tent into your own masterpiece!

Choose the frame thickness that matches your requirements!

Depending on your reqirements and budget for the canopy tent, you may choose between our models MASTERTENT S1, MASTERTENT S2, and MASTERTENT S3.

  • Blue folding tent with S1 series side walls.

    Maximum stability even with frequent and many hours of use.

    • Frame thickness = 43×49 mm
    • Wall thickness = 2.5 mm
  • Red folding tent with side walls from the model series S2.

    A sturdy and well-conceived solution for professional use.

    • Frame thickness = 37×42.5 mm
    • Wall thickness = 2.1 mm
  • White folding tent with side walls from the S3 series.

    MASTERTENT quality at reasonable prices – when economical solutions are needed.

    • Frame thickness = 30 mm
    • Wall thickness = 2 mm

Canopy tent 10×10 ft product details

(octagonal structure)
(square structure)
(square structure)
10×10 ft10×10 ft10×10 ft
43×49 mm37×42.5 mm30 mm
17" × 17" × 63"15" × 17" × 63"11" × 15" × 62"
69.9 lbs64.4 lbs55.8 lbs
6' 7"6' 7"6' 7"
10' 7"10' 7"10' 7"

Show your colors - fabric and frame!

Only MASTERTENT has an aluminum frame available in 9 standard colors of extremely durable powder-coat finish. Roof and sidewall fabrics are available in 12 standard Pantone colors – from bright yellow to cool gray.

Canopy tents by style

MASTERTENT canopy tents, out of series MASTERTENT 1, are available in many variants…

Find your perfect fit!

  • Elegant.

    The star among the Mastertent range. Every moment is truly precious with these canopy tents.
    This combines all the benefits of the classic canopy tent with that special something extra. It is mainly used for weddings, christenings, anniversaries, birthdays and other affairs of the heart.

    Withe and very elegant canopy tent at the lake. Under it are 4 people dining.
  • With awnings.

    Canopy tents with self-opening awnings provide more covered space for the same size.
    Our canopy tents with awnings are especially suitable for markets, trade fairs and exhibitions.

    Custom canopy tent with awnings. Under the tent is an artist.

MASTERTENT - the details matter.

MASTERTENT canopy tents have innovative features and are extremely robust. They´re designed in Italy to outperform the demands of daily use around the world.

The all-aluminum frames, pushbutton releases and rubber fabric protections are just some of the patented details that guarantee high quality, durability and ease of use for years to come.

Quick & simple set-up

Unpack. Unfold. Enjoy!

MASTERTENT canopy tents pop-up in under 60 seconds with no tools required.

  • Easy set-up in 60 seconds
  • No tools, no loose parts
  • Minimum effort, maximum impact!

  • As individual as yourself!
    The 10×10 ft canopy tent

    Our canopy tent 10×10 ft can be designed according to your wishes: sidewalls of all kinds, different colours, individual printing and many accessories leave no wishes. Of course in best quality.

    • sidewalls
    • colours and
    • accessories
  • Our team is happy to help!

    Charlotte, NC

    or call us 704-312-1600

    Justin D. Russell - Sales agent for the US-market.
Different fabric bales used for folding tents.
Show your colors - fabric and frame!
Only MASTERTENT has an aluminum frame available in 9 standard colors of extremely durable powder-coat finish. Roof and sidewall fabrics are available in 12 standard Pantone colors – from bright yellow to cool gray.
Fully printed folding tent with side walls, which are also printed.
Custom design options - standout from the crowd!
MASTERTENT canopy tents are ideal for advertising at events. Roof and sidewall surfaces can be printed with your logo and slogan or high-quality imagery.

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Canopy tent accessories designed to fulfil the requirements of practical use. Well-thought-through in every detail, convincing in every situation.

  • Blue folding tent with 2 closed side walls in the back and a wooden counter in the front.

    EZ setu-up wood counters

    Ready to serve. Quick and easy set-up, attaching to the tent frame with their own support. Perfect addition for event tents serving food and beverages, or simply needing space to interact with customers. Use as a single counter space or several together.

  • Fastening set for folding tents consisting of 4 pegs, 4 tension straps and a hammer.

    Ground securing kits

    Firm footing. Ground securing kits, in packs of 4 or 6 solid ground spikes, nylon securing straps, and a hammer. Canopy tents are light and mobile, so we want you to be safe. Perfect with soft surfaces and when weather conditions are less than ideal.

  • Radiant heater on the underside of the roof of the blue folding tent.

    Heating system

    Warm and cozy. When the temperature drops, the 1,500-watt (230/50Hz) electric heater warms up the canopy tent in a flash. Its slim design, quiet operation and efficiency make it a perfect aid for outdoor use in the colder months.

  • Blue folding tent with closed side walls. All side walls are blue.

    Closed sidewall

    Classical. The closed sidewall, attached with Nylon straps, is a popular optional accessory. It provides overall protection from wind and weather, and also provides even more surface-area for advertising your brand.

Fields of application

The practical size for all kinds of events. Especially suited as market or trade fair tent and also suited as promo or garden tent.

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