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Products & Features

Mastertent canopy tents are readily available in 12 sizes:

For larger scale projects, our tents can easily be combined in multi-tent systems to accomodate any number of guests. Custom-sized tents can be produced on request. 

Mastertent canopy tents are available in 3 quality levels or “Series” to best match your application and budgetary needs. Just like a race, our top-of-the-line, highest quality products rank in first place with our Series 1 while our introductory, essential products come in third with our Series 3.

Series 1: Industry-leading performance, looks and features.

Series 2: Excellent professional quality in streamlined design.

Series 3: Commercial quality for your smart essentials.

Learn more about our Mastertent Series.

Mastertent canopy tents are professional-grade quality and the nicest on the market. Once you use a Mastertent, you never go back! Each Mastertent is carefully made in-house with the finest materials and attention to detail to craft canopy tents that last years, not seasons.

Here’s a few ways Mastertent does things differently:

  • Aluminum vs. Steel Construction: By using 100% aircraft-grade aluminum over the industry-standard steel, our tents offer an incredibly durable but lightweight design.
  • Ltd. Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty: The best warranty in the industry, covering any material or production defects in our aluminum canopy tent frames.
  • Ltd. Lifetime Corrosion Warranty: High‐quality aluminum, anodizing and powder coating, all add to our guarantee that undamaged components will never rust.
  • 10-Year Spare Parts Guarantee: With our quality expected to last, we guarantee for the 10 years following your purchase, we will manufacture the spare parts you need.
  • Signature Roof Styles: Our patented tent styles are as sleek and stylish as they are functional!
  • Fully Customizable: Talk with our team about your needs! Our tents can be built in custom colors, sizes, you name it on request!
  • Lifetime Customer Care: Our team is always here to help!

We select the best aircraft-grade aluminum for our canopy tents because of several important factors. Aluminum provides an exceptional balance of high strength to lightweight performance, it is extremely resistant to corrosion for outdoor use, and its value in performance is much greater than the reasonable increase in supply cost over other metals. All these benefits work together to make Aluminum the very best choice for your next Mastertent canopy tent.

Painted over steel is another popular industry option. While it may look similar at first glance, this cheaper alternative has several issues once in action. Steel needs to be much thinner if the weight is going to be useable which reduces the strength and performance causing the metal to break easier. Steel is highly corrosive and will rust quickly, either as soon as the paint scratches or as water penetrates the connections, and the tubing and joints start to breakdown and fall apart. These and other problems arise when using steel frames.

Mastertent selects highest quality polyesters as the primary option for our canopy tents. For our Series 1 and 2 canopies we utilize a double weave Oxford polyester in 500D thickness. For our Series 3 tents we utilize a 300D commercial weight polyester.

The synthetic construction of polyester provides excellent durability while being lightweight and ultra-flexible. When the elements get extremely tough and a slightly heavier option is acceptable, our Series 1 tents offer a heavy-duty PVC option.

Yes, our Mastertent Series 1 and 2 canopy rooftops are waterproof. While most other tent options apply a thin layer of polyurethane to a flimsy fitting roof, we provide weather performance in a long-lasting way.

Starting with a canopy tent frame that’s strong and able to properly support the roof, even in a heavy rain downpour.

Next, a canopy roof that fits its frame tight with the right peak elevation for smooth water shed and no pooling at the valance edge even in gusty winds. Utilize our valance tightening straps for maximum efficiency.

Lastly, we use higher quality Oxford polyester that even before waterproof treatments has a synthetic double weave construction to block water from penetrating. We also take the extra measures to seal the sewn fabric seams.

Mastertent takes fire safety seriously, so that our canopy tents can be used virtually anywhere, doing almost anything.

Our top‐quality Oxford Polyester and PVC fabrics receive fire‐retardant treatments to ensure compliance with fire industry standards for public safety, in North America: NFPA 701, CPAI‐84 Sec. 6 and CAN/ULC‐S109, and European classifications: EN 13501 ‐ 1:2007.

While Mastertent canopy tents are designed to give you the best performance possible, please practice safe operations, and always keep any heat sources or open flames away from fabrics.

Mastertent offers 5 signature canopy tent roof styles:

  • The Classic: Classic roof peak with straight valances.
  • The Royal: Classic roof peak with scalloped valances.
  • The Square: Modern flat-top roof with massive valances.
  • The Awning: Extended roof line with automatic awnings
  • The Pagoda: Dramatic high-peak roof with either straight or scalloped valances.

Discover Roof Styles

All Mastertent products are manufactured and handled in-house between our offices in Europe and the United States. We take pride in building the best for our customers!

Yes, we offer a variety of accessories to take your canopy tent to the next level! From securing weights to lights to counters, please see our accessories page for further details.

See Accessories

Set Up, Securing, & Care

Mastertent canopy tents are super simple to set-up – everything we build is designed to be quick and easy! 1 – 2 people can set up the canopy tent in 60 seconds with no loose parts or tools needed.

Unlike many other canopy tents, you do not have to remove the canopy roof every time making set up a much easier and faster process when the roof is already in place.

This depends on the size of the tent and the size of the vehicle. Please refer to our sizing page for detailed dimensions.

Yes, securing your canopy tent is extremely important. Not only to protect your canopy tent, but also to keep the nearby people and property safe from damage. Anytime the canopy tent is used, we highly recommend immediately securing it with either our base weights or ground anchors. It only takes an unsuspecting moment for the wind to pick up, catch the tent just right, and send it flying. Please consult with a Mastertent expert for securing tips and visit our Securing Accessories page for more details.

Our general recommendations are:

For winds up to 15mph: 22lbs (10kg) Mastertent base weights on each leg.

For winds up to 30mph: 60lbs (28kg) Mastertent base weights on each leg.

For more severe wind conditions: Mastertent base weights can be stacked for additional security.

Yes, you can with a few things in mind! If weather conditions are ideal (wind gusts less than 30mph) and your tent is properly secured using our base weights or ground staking kit you can leave your tent up for as long as you like. Please consult with a Mastertent expert for securing tips and visit our Securing Accessories page for more details.

We build heavy-duty products that can last 10+ years when properly cared for. Tent frames and hardware accessories can last a lifetime when handled with care and secured properly for weather conditions, as well as individual parts of the frames can be easily replaced if damaged.

The most susceptible components are the fabrics. While our fabrics are high-quality and treated with UV-inhibitors, slight fading and wear from sun and element exposure is inevitable. With frequent use, 20 to +100 per year, we typically see between 2 and 5 years of useful life. For lower volume activity we have seen the fabrics last +10 years when cleaned regularly and stored properly. Take a look at our Care Tips to get the most out of your Mastertent.

Your tent fabrics can be spot cleaned easily with mild soap and water or an outdoor fabric cleaner. The tent roofs are not machine washable. For further advice on cleaning your tent, please contact your sales representative.

For best handling and to extend the life of your tent, you should store your tent dry, standing, and in its transport bag. If your tent becomes wet, open it and let it air dry as soon as possible to prevent any complications.

Yes. Every part of your Mastertent can be replaced. We offer a 10‐Year Spare Parts Availability Guarantee. For 10 years following your purchase, we will manufacture the spare parts you need.

Please contact your sales rep to help determine which part(s) will be needed to keep your Mastertent in tip-top shape.

Colors, Printing, & Customization

Absolutely! We have a talented graphics team that is readily available to assist you in your graphics needs. Please supply your sales rep with your vector logo files and design ideas and our graphics team will prepare a layout for you at no cost to you. If you need help with your vector file, please consult your rep for further assistance.

We offer thermal vinyl print for smaller print areas and dye-sublimation printing when special colors are needed or larger print areas. Our talented graphics team can provide a layout for you to help determine the best print option for you!

Both dye-sublimation and thermal printing are high quality techniques with a longevity that will keep your tent design bright and eye-catching. Each uses a different process, but the optimal printing method for your design really depends on the graphics you need printed on your tent.

Dye-sublimation printing is best for edge-to-edge graphics, photos, and custom color tents. This printing process casts the print inks into the tent fabrics to create a stronger, more durable ink-to-fabric bond.

Thermal printing is best for printing isolated logos and slogans. Our thermal printing process uses heat transfer to permanently apply ultra-durable, high-resolution, cut-out decal graphics- quick, precise, and cost efficient.

Our tent fabrics are available in 12 standard stock colors, and our Series 1 aluminum tent frames come in 9 powder coated options at no additional cost.

Both our fabrics and frames can be created in colors outside the standard selection – 200 other frame options and a virtually endless CMYK printing palette for fabrics.

Please contact your Mastertent sales team member for further information regarding a custom color.

Large scale printing requires high-quality files to keep your tent graphics from looking pixelated or distorted. 

This means using vector files. We prefer Adobe Illustrator (.eps or .ai) files but can work with other high resolution files. Please send your graphics and logos to your sales rep to help you determine if the files are high enough quality for print.

Pricing, Orders, Shipping, Returns, & Warranties

While we know the retail world is online shopping carts and self-help automated chats, we’ve taken a personable approach that customers really like once they’ve experienced Mastertent.

We have an in-house U.S. sales and product support team that will answer phone calls, provide direct emails, and jump on live chats so that you get the best service possible.

Price questions are important and our Mastertent specialist can answer them quickly. Our customers find it extremely helpful when we take a moment to understand their needs and help them select the right products at the right prices.

Contact Our Team

We offer discounts for tent packages and bulk purchasing. Please consult your sales team representative for a quote!

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and ACH payments. Mailed checks are acceptable, however for customers without approved credit terms the check must deposit and clear prior to production of the order. For customers qualifying through our credit application, we accept Purchase Orders at terms Net 30 unless otherwise arranged. Mastertent reserves the right to require order deposits and set overall credit limits for each customer.

Yes, Mastertent offers two helpful financing options to invest in quality.

PayPal 0% Interest for 6 Months – Easy and secure online payment platform that allows your order to move quickly to production and delivery. Simply start a PayPal credit account, PayPal terms and conditions, then any single purchase over $99 gets 0% interest for 6 months.  

90-Day Same as Cash Installments – Allows you to place an order and start making payments without any credit check or third-party account. Orders completed within 90 days carry no installment or processing fees. Once paid-in-full, your order moves to production and typically delivers 2 to 3 weeks thereafter.

Please contact a Mastertent specialist via phone, e-mail, or chat to place your order.

Please contact your sales team member immediately if you need to cancel your order. Stock orders can be cancelled before shipment for full refund or exchange credit. Custom orders can also be cancelled with full refund or exchange value if cancelled before production.

Custom components (e.g. printed roofs or sidewalls) of an order cannot be canceled once production has begun. While the custom portion is non-refundable, the stock products on such order are eligible for standard cancelation options.

If an order is cancelled after shipment, the customer will be responsible for return shipping costs, where Mastertent may assist as a courtesy with costs deducted from return or exchange credit. Original shipping costs are nonrefundable and the final refund is subject to a restock fee.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee with every purchase, so that you feel completely confident in the higher quality products that you’re buying. There are two product categories for this policy:

Stock Products – Stocked standard products such as tent frames, roofs, sidewalls, electronics, weights, table and bench sets, etc. can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of receipt.

Custom Products – Custom created products such as printed roofs and sidewalls, custom color tent frames, inflatables, or specially fabricated items are guaranteed to match the customer’s 3D layouts provided during the order approval process. On the rare occasion that Mastertent has an error in your received product, you have 30 days to notify us. We will promptly start the process of correcting the issue, either with a full exchange or by shipping corrective parts.

Our 100% Satisfaction Return Policy is valid for 30 days after initial receipt of product(s). Eligible products must be returned to Mastertent in new condition including manuals and original packaging. Products that arrive damaged or in used condition are not eligible or will receive a reduced refund. 

Customers are responsible for return shipping, where Mastertent may assist as a courtesy with costs deducted from return or exchange credit. Original shipping costs are nonrefundable and final refund is subject to a restock fee. 

Shipment damage issues should be immediately addressed prior to accepting and signing for product delivery, or immediately after inspection if signing did not take place. Shipping carriers that Mastertent work with, such as FedEx, UPS and others, take steps to ensure protection of products, however from time to time damage can occur. If packaging appears damaged and/or products are missing, please note such with the carrier and contact Mastertent for assistancen with resolving the matter. 

For concerns, contact us immediately at 704-312-1600.

We offer excellent product warranties – Limited Lifetime on our most durable frame and hardware products, to a 1-year performance guarantee on fabrics and printing. For more details please visit our Warranties & Certificates page.

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