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Products & Features

Mastertent canopy tents are readily available in 12 sizes:

For larger scale projects, our tents can easily be combined in multi-tent systems to accomodate any number of guests. Custom-sized tents can be produced on request. 

As manufacturer it is important to meet our customer's requirements. For this reason, we kindly ask you to contact a consultant in your area to request a price quote for your desired canopy tent size.

Alternatively, you can pre-configure your prefered canopy tent with our configurator. A consultant will then contact you and prepare an offer based entirely on your needs.

All roofs of our canopy tents are made of polyester, a synthetic material which is easy to use.

Two people can set-up the canopy tent easily within 1 minute. There are no individual parts and no tools are required for the assembly.

All Mastertent canopy tents are 100% waterproof.

All our 12 standard colors are sold at the same price. Whether red, yellow or blue... the price remains the same. 

Our 9 standard colors are sold at the same price as the normal aluminium structure. You can therefore take advantage and choose a color you like.

All our canopy tent are fire-resistant in accordance to the EU standard EN 13501 – 1:2002 and M2.

Yes! Both, the roof as well as the sides, can be fully printed. Therefore, you can easily print your logo and advertising on our canopy tent. See all details here.

Tent Care

The fabrics cannot be washed. You can only try wiping with lukewarm water, a soft sponge and neutral soap. But do not use washing machines and high-pressure cleaners.

Yes, almost all of our canopy tents can be conveniently transported by car. A 10x10 ft canopy tent has a packing size of 42x42x158 cm.

Yes, we offer a wide range of accessories. From side and counters to floor panels, radiators and lighting systems. Learn more about our accessories.

When used properly, the structure will last a lifetime. Only the canopy tent fabrics may need to be replaced over time, depending on care and use.

We recommend fixing your canopy tent with tensioning straps or weights.

All canopy tents come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on material and production defects of the aluminium structure. In addition, we have a 10-year availability of all replacement parts for the aluminium structure.

About Mastertent

All Mastertent products are entirely produced and handled in-house between our European and North American offices. 

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