Detailansicht der Aluminiumstruktur eines MASTERTENT Faltzeltes. Die detaillierte Ansicht ermöglicht einen Einblick der Konstruktionsdetails.

Why does the canopy tent have an aluminium frame?

The use of aluminium comes with a series of advantages: for one, aluminium is especially durable, because it contains no iron and therefore doesn't rust. For another, it is easy to shape, so that it's possible to make not only rectangular but also octagonal - and therefore more stable - frames. Aluminium is also popular due to its light weight. The aluminium frames make atento canopy tents especially light and easy to transport.

Many advantages of aluminium

  • Especially durable
  • Doesn't rust
  • Light weight makes it easy to transport
  • Easy to shape, so that you can create more stable, octagonal frames
Blue canopy tent from MASTERTENT.
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