Yellow bag with a green canopy tent in it.

MASTERTENT shopping bags – „I used to be a folding tent”

The tent is ready and waste fabric covering the floor. And now? Waste Fabric do not end up in the litter box at MASTERTENT, but get recycled to become practical shopping bags. That way we kill two birds with one stone.

MASTERTENT has been pursuing an environmentally friendly corporate policy for more than 70 years. We put particular emphasis on eco-friendliness in both production reutilization of leftovers.

„I used to be a folding tent”

Each of our bags used to be a tent. They are made of waste fabric that accumulate during production of a folding tent. MASTERTENT does not just protect the environment from additional waste, but also creates practical shopping bags for its customers at the same time: when purchasing a foldable tent you get an environmentally friendly MASTERTENT bag for free.

Yellow bag with a green canopy tent in it.

Useful MASTERTENT bags

The bags are particularly robust and tearproof. As they are made of the same fabric as our tents they can resist also heavy shopping and you can be sure that no purchase will end up on the floor.

The somewhat different textile bag

Our textile bags stand out because they all look different. They are made of fabric in one of our 13 fabric colors or even from printed waste fabric, so each bag is absolutely unique. Another eye- catcher is the well- known MASTERTENT logo which is printed on the central part of the bag, as well as the practical handles.

Withe and very elegant canopy tent at the lake. Under it are 4 people dining.
Smart, strong and unique like you!

MASTERTENT – simple setup, robust construction and custom options to make them as unique as you with 12 standard sizes, fabric and frame colors, custom printing and quality accessories – your desire, your tent.

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