How to Choose the Best Folding Gazebo

7 things you need to know before buying a folding tent

How to distinguish a high-quality from a low-quality gazebo.

To understand which is the best tent for your needs, you first have to find out on which criteria you should base your assessment of the product quality and value. Too often we dwell on the price, as comparing prices is very straightforward. However, if you don't want to risk falling victim to false promises, be well informed and always act consciously. Pay attention to:

  1. Ease and speed of set-up;
  2. Durability;
  3. Guarantees and certificates;
  4. After-sales customer service;
  5. Possibility of insurance;
  6. Origin of materials and the final product;
  7. Quality of materials;

Bonus hint: Sustainability of the manufacturing company

Together we will take a closer look at all these features in 3 separate articles so that we can give all points their due importance. 

In this first part of the blog series on how to choose a gazebo, we will focus on point number 1, which is "Ease and speed of set-up". The inconvenience in setting up and taking down the gazebo is the first thing one notices after buying a low-quality gazebo. But at this point the choice has already been made and it is too late to change it. This is why we want to share some tricks to help you understand how easy and quick it will be to set up a high-quality gazebo.

1. Ease and Speed of Set-up

A gazebo must be assembled and disassembled several times in the course of its service life, which is why it is necessary to ensure that the opening mechanism is of a high quality and allows the gazebo to be set up easily and quickly
This aspect is often taken for granted, but the fact that the gazebo and its accessories can be set up and taken down quickly, can make a very big difference to the success of an event and the calmness of those who organise it. 

But how can you tell if a gazebo is handy and durable? These are the clues we can give you:

  • it has plastic guides on its legs to ensure that the aluminium parts do not rub against each other;
  • it has plastic spacers between the roof battens, which are also anti-friction;
  • presence of a button safety mechanism to ensure that there is no risk when closing;
  • presence of compression buttons for adjusting the height of the gazebo legs;
  • absence of screws that could loosen with frequent opening and require constant maintenance;
  • presence of PVC protections at the rubbing points between the awning and the structure and plastic protections on the structure at the same points;
  • presence of a tensioning mechanism at the corners of the roof, so that the roof always remains straight and consequently no water can accumulate and inscriptions and prints can always be clearly visible;
  • accessories with customised hooks and clamps manufactured by the same tent company.

These technical details can really make a difference in your everyday life and it is good to make sure that the gazebo you are going to buy is well equipped.

Plastic sliders on the tent legs ensure a smooth setup.
The technical details that make the difference

➡️ Click here to read on and discover the other key elements to consider before buying a quality folding gazebo.

Author: Giada Ghizzo, Marketing
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