Trade fairs Mastertent 2022

Stories of the events we attended in 2022

Our presence at the fair is an opportunity for us to be close to the consumer and let them experience the quality of our products for themselves.

Why is trade fair presence crucial?

Thanks to the years 2020 and 2021, companies have discovered the importance of digital, but after the various experiences of online events, closed-door trade fairs, limited access and Greenpass, in 2022 the desire to get back among the people and expand one's contacts in person is felt more than ever.

Digital marketing is a great opportunity to communicate the quality of our products and answer enquiries anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, we think that building interpersonal relationships, talking to visitors and partners face to face, showing and letting them try and touch our products, is an irreplaceable activity.

This is precisely why we have decided to expand our in-person presence at trade fairs and exhibitions across Europe in 2022, exceeding even our pre-pandemic participation.

4 useful tips for attracting attention at trade fairs
Participating in a trade fair involves a huge organisational effort, which is why we have put together some useful tips for... tips-trade-fair

We have been to:

  • Alimentaria-Hostelco | hotel and gastronomy | 3-7 April, Barcelona (ES)
  • Marke[ding] | advertising and promotion | 7 April, Vienna (AT)
  • Cibus | food and gastronomy | 3-6 May, Parma (IT)
  • Infopol xpo | civil protection | 10-12 May, Kotrijk (BE)
  • ExpoRIC | civil protection | 18-19 May, Airport Twenthe (NL)
  • Congredes Sapeurs Pompiers | fire brigade | 21 - 24 September (FR)
  • ​​​​REAS | civil protection | 7-9 October, Montichiari (IT)
  • SMR | civil defence | 29 October, Floreal Seminars Blankenberge (BE)

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Mastertent, sustainable tents

SMR | Belgium

It is with the 15de SYMPOSIUM MEDISCH RAMPENMANAGEMENT in Belgium on 29 October that the series of exhibitions and events in which we took part throughout Europe in 2022 comes to a close. The exhibition dedicated to the different sections of the Belgian Red Cross gave us the opportunity to show how our 6x3m Rescue Kit can be useful in emergency situations, and visitors were able to experience the strength of the Pirontex® fabric presented for the first time at the beginning of this 2022. It was particularly pleasant to meet the various rescue teams who have already chosen us as their partner for years and to hear their stories and their positive and satisfied comments about our folding tents. We look forward to further expanding our partnerships in the industry and are proud to be able to offer reliable products even in extremely delicate situations.

And it is on this positive note that we end this eventful 2022, stay tuned to find out what events we will be taking part in in 2023 and especially with which new products!

REAS | Italy

After a stop due to the pandemic emergency, the traditional REAS International Emergency Exhibition was held again this year at the Montichiari (BS) Exhibition Centre in its 21st edition. The days from 7 to 9 October were very intense for the Mastertent team involved in the fair who had the opportunity both to meet again usual acquaintances and to get to know new people and realities by presenting the novelties 2022 such as the Pirontex® fabric, applied in particular to the Rescue kit, the concrete weights to fix the gazebo also for long periods, the CARE and CARE+ insurance for all damages due to major forces and the refractory fibreglass fabric

The trade fair was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the needs of workers and volunteers in the emergency sector, but also for several managers from all over Italy to meet and exchange suggestions and opinions.

What made the event even more exciting was seeing many customers proudly displaying their customised Mastertent tents, using them as stands and demonstrating their quality and durability. 

An experience undoubtedly to be repeated next year!

Congrès Sapeurs Pompiers | France

From 21 to 24 September, the '128ème Congrès National de Sapeurs-Pompiers de France' or '128th National Congress of French Fire Fighters' was held in Nancy, France. Mastertent participated this year for the first time in this historical fair for the emergency and first aid sector in France. An all-outdoor fair accompanied mostly by good weather, but even when the weather started to turn bad, our 100% waterproof tents kept our French colleagues Brigitte and Caroline safe. 

Particular interest was received by our first Rescue Kit 6x4m completely made of our new Pirontex fabric in light grey. Perfect for emergency situations where resistance to dirt, tears and tugging is always a plus. 

The Mastertent tents on our stand were in good company. In fact, among the other exhibitors, we found several customers using the Masetrtent CI tents as exhibition stands! The classic Mastertent blue stood out and caught our and all visitors' attention. Simplement magnifique!

ExpoRIC | Netherlands

From Belgium to the Netherlands in less than a week!
Following the success of the Infopol xpo fair in Belgium, our sales representative Chris travelled to the Netherlands for the ExpoRIC fair held on 18 and 19 May at Twenthe airport.
Once again the focus was on Rescue Kit, as the trade fair audience included professionals from the police, fire, defence, ambulance, rigging & rescue and public order services, as well as various administrators and security experts from heavy industry.

Smart gazebo sidewalls
The Rescue package contains specially designed "Rescue sidewalls". The window is not a classic window, but consists of several layers and can even be converted into a door. The zippers are fixed on the inside and outside of the sidewall, therefore, the different layers can be opened and used for different applications

With a simple zipper  you can choose between: door or window, closed or open, transparent PVC window or mosquito net
With the Rescue Kit you decide!

By the way, did you know that there is also a 'light' version of the Rescue Kit?
The quality and guarantees remain the same as in the classic Rescue Kit, what is lighter in the Rescue Light Kit is the price and production time
Discover all the differences here. Which is more suitable for you?


Infopol xpo | Belgium

From 10 to 12 May, the annual trade fair for police, security and surveillance, emergency services and first aid equipment was held in Kotrijk, Belgium. We at Mastertent with our Rescue Kits, specially designed for emergency occasions, could not miss it. 

"We use these occasions not only to promote our tents, but also to understand what is needed and what more we could do to meet the needs of the sector." 

Lynn, the newcomer to Team Mastertent Benelux had the opportunity to meet the visitors face to face, and these days were not only productive but also constructive for her! Her impression? Amazed!

"Most people already know the Mastertent brand and our products, they come straight to our stand and ask us what's new!" 

The Red Cross staff carries the corona patient to the rescue tent. The Rescue Kit tent is white.
Rescue Kit

easy up in 60 seconds - no tools - 100% waterproof and fireproof --> Rescue Kit

What was new this year for the civil defence sector?

Assembly of concrete weight set with iron base
Concrete weights
Leave your gazebo outside and forget about it. With concrete weights you will be sure to find it right where you left it.

Cibus | Italy

For the first time, Mastertent had the pleasure of participating in the Cibus trade fair in Parma from 3 to 7 May 2022. The non plus ultra as far as the made-in-Italy food and gastronomy sector is concerned.

This edition was also particularly important because of the CIBUS 4 SUSTAINABILITY project, aimed at collecting sustainability initiatives implemented by Italian companies, in which we at Mastertent proudly participated, presenting our Eco and Pirontex® ecological fabrics and our various social sustainability plans. 

What does a gazebo manufacturer have to do with gastronomy?
Mastertent offers tailor-made solutions for food preparation, catering and distribution. In fact, with our products: kitchen tents, Royal kit, and tents with awning and counter, as well as our folding sets of tables and benches, we meet the needs of many food producers and distributors.

3x3 m square market gazebo with flat roof and half-height walls with counter for selling honey. Fully customised gazebo with honey and bee themed sublimation printed photos and logo.
Market gazebos
Thanks to its small packaging size, the Mastertent market gazebo can be easily stored in the car.

The most frequently asked question: Do you need special permits to erect your own gazebo outside?

Absolutely not! Mastertent tents can be fixed to the ground with different types of anchorage, more or less fixed depending on the type of use. In any case, tents, even with side walls, are considered mobile structures and therefore no special permits are required to erect them in your outdoor area. 

What are you waiting for? Offer your guests an outdoor space to enjoy in all seasons and in all weather conditions!

Marke[ding] | Austria

Once again this year we confirmed our historical participation in the marketing fair, Marke[ding], in Vienna, which took place on Thursday 7 April.

Shortly after the last edition was held in September 2021 due to the covid postponement, we feared a lower turnout or less interest. Moreover, the organisation proved to be anything but quiet, given the contemporaneity with the last day of Alimentaria-Hostelco and the launch of the new Pirontex® fabric.

In spite of the less than promising prerogatives, the fair was a triumph and those present Rainer, Wolfgang and Alexander said they were satisfied and pleasantly surprised by the high attendance and interest:

You can see that people are keen to get out and make personal connections. We met many experts from the marketing sector, but also from the textile industry, and the exchange of experiences and ideas was extremely productive and constructive.

Pirontex logo - Mastertent tent fabric premium quality
The new premium quality fabric.  What makes this fabric special? 
Incorruptible colours - eco-friendly - durability and elasticity - intriguing design - innovative strength.                                            
Discover Pirontex®

Again at Marke[ding], the launch of the Pirontex® fabric, which is more environmentally friendly, more resistant, and with matt colours yet unseen on a tent, was extremely well received. But what continues to fascinate and captivate visitors are the classic values and processes of our family business: production and headquarters in Italy, premium quality and service, endless customisation possibilities, EU patents and certifications, flags on the roof to increase visibility, and colourful structures.

In short, this trade fair gave us proof and confirmation that marketing is not only done online and that values and quality are what counts and will continue to be important in the future.

Alimentaria-Hostelco | Spain

The Mastertent trade fair season opened in Barcelona from 3 to 7 April with Alimentaria-Hostelco. The 2022 edition was a particularly important one as it was the first time that the two fairs Alimentaria and Hostelco merged into one large exhibition with the most important representatives of the hospitality and gastronomy sector.

In short, a not-to-be-missed edition where the harmonious combination of food km0 and hotellerie met.

The gazebo kit Royal is located at the footbridge during sunset. Under the gazebo 4 guests are enjoying their dinner.
Gastronomy gazebo
Elegant design and maximum comfort for special occasions. The wavy front, gathered corner curtains, integrated ceiling and soft lighting create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. 
Kit Royal

How did it go?
A whole new stand, new products, super motivated staff and many new contacts!

Thanks to the collaboration with Mastertent Iberica, and in particular the participation of Enrique, Carlos, Marcos, Albert, Óscar and Ricard our participation at the fair was a real success!

Particularly popular were our eco-friendly fabrics: Eco launched in 2020 and Pirontex® launched in April 2022. Our kitchen tent with refractory fibreglass fabric also aroused a lot of interest, curiosity and even a little bit of crazy requests:

Kitchen tent
Cooking outdoors with the comfort and protection of an indoor kitchen will no longer be impossible thanks to the Mastertent kitchen tent.
Kitchen tent

One customer in particular, as the fibreglass of the kitchen tent is only available in pearl grey, requested an offer for a special roof with one quarter refractory fabric and three quarters Pirontex® fabric. He also wanted the fibreglass part of the ceiling to have a hole for the smoke to escape through a metal pipe with a diameter of about 20 cm.

Request your customised gazebo too.

Keep following our blog and don't miss our series of Mastertent stories in Fair 2022.

A photography of Franz Zingerle. He is standing between his sons Martin and Georg Zingerle.
Pioneering spirit since 1948
Our history is based on values from the past, preserved from 1948 until today.
Our history
Author: Giada Ghizzo, Marketing
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